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What is Clinical Somatics?

Clinical Somatics is neuromuscular education that uses the technique of pandiculation created by Thomas Hanna to retrain muscle memory and relieve pain. It is a set of slow, focused exercises designed to teach the nervous system how to release chronic tension and address the deeply learned muscular patterns that affect posture and movement and are the cause of many types of musculoskeletal pain.  

Many pain relief and rehabilitative methods involve the client passively receiving treatment. Instead, Clinical Somatics actively engages you in a learning process, so you can use these techniques at home to build bodily resilience and adaptability and continue to improve your body's functioning for the rest of your life.

To learn more, visit the Somatic Movement Center website

Benefits of Clinical Somatics:

  • addresses the root causes of musculoskeletal pain

  • increases flexibility & full body coordination

  • calms the nervous system

  • improves alignment & circulation

  • increases depth & control of breath

  • prevents injury & allows for peak performance aging

Common conditions relieved by this practice: 

  • back pain sciatica

  • neck & shoulder pain

  • functional uneven leg length 

  • knee & hip pain

  • shortness of breath 

  • many others...

Group Classes

Classes are an hour and a half of guided self-care exercises, that allow you to strengthen your mind-body connection, unwind your nervous system, and better understand your own tension patterns.  


Classes are mostly an individual experience, done on a mat, and instructed by me, similar in format to a yoga or pilates class. 

My group classes are temporarily suspended as I develop an online Intro to Clinical Somatics series. It will be my pleasure to present this foundational offering in the fall of 2024.

More info on my Offerings page

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are a great way to address specific pain or injury and receive a personalized treatment plan/ exercise series, one-on-one coaching and support.  


In each session, I will guide you through a progression of exercises that suit your individual needs. Sessions are conducted fully clothed on a padded exercise mat, and involve minimal touch. Please wear comfortable layers you can move freely in. 

Want to discuss further? Book a free consultation!
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