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Clinical Somatics Offerings

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I teach group classes of Clinical Somatics in-person in Montreal, with online classes starting up in the fall of 2024. I also provide one-on-one Clinical Somatics sessions in person and online.




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Group Classes

Classes are an hour and a half of guided self-care exercises, that allow you to strengthen your mind-body connection, unwind your nervous system, and better understand your own tension patterns.  


Classes are mostly an individual experience, done on a mat, and instructed by me, similar in format to a yoga or pilates class. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns:

Group Classes on Pause

My group classes are temporarily suspended as I develop an online Intro to Clinical Somatics series. It will be a joy to present this foundational offering in the fall of 2024.



In the meantime... I'm moving cities and going tree planting for my fifth season. Holy moly! Life is a balancing act, please excuse the buffering time. 


Private Sessions

Private Sessions are a great way to address specific pain or injury and receive a personalized treatment plan/ exercise series, one-on-one coaching, and support.  


In each session, I will guide you through a progression of exercises that suit your individual needs. Sessions are conducted fully clothed on a padded exercise mat, and involve minimal touch. Please wear comfortable layers you can move freely in. 

If you're interested in working one-on-one, and want to discuss any questions or see if we're a good fit, feel free to book a free consultation below.

Or contact me directly via email or socials:

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