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I'm always looking to connect with my community and welcome anyone interested in booking classes, sessions, or bouncing ideas around over a cup of coffee.

Hey friend, I'm Solana.

I am a somatic educator and dance artist based out of Montreal, Quebec. I'm passionate about cultivating attentive listening in regards to the body. It has deep lessons to teach us about how to heal and how to express the soul.

Photo by MarilynGillespie


A bit about me...

I'm a Certified Clinical Somatics Exercise Instructor and Contemporary Dance Artist teaching and learning about brain-based movement and rehabilitative methods. Follow me on the endless journey of discovery and play. 

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Peek below for a more in-depth look at my training and experience. 


  • Certified Level Two Clinical Somatics Exercise Instructor through the Somatic Movement Center, under the tutelage of Sarah Warren

  • BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University,

    • studies include human anatomy, and the anatomy of movement for dance 

  • Ongoing Level Three certification through the Somatic Movement Center

  • Continually update my knowledge through self led study  

My experience as a dance artist has afforded me a rich understanding of the human body and a deep curiosity in regards to the mind-body connection. It is this sense of investigation and acute awareness of the innate intelligence of the body that drive my practice. Through dance and life, I have ranging experience in

  • Alexander Technique

  • Feldenkrais

  • EFT Tapping

  • Conditioning with Imagery

  • Axis Syllabus

  • Contact Improvisation

  • and a variety of somatic movement practices for dancers

all of which inform my practice and my approach to the body. 


I firmly believe knowledge of one’s own body is essential for preventing injury, and maintaining vitality, joy, and health at any age. As I grow the list of tools and techniques at my fingertips, I endeavor to create accessible spaces for us all to unwind, listen in, rest, and reset.

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